...About Athena...

    My name is Jayme (Athena) Giordano-White. I am Italian, Egyptian and Greek. I am 22, but have a feel of an "old soul," since I feel I belong in an earlier decade other than the one we are in. Life to me has been a waking wonder everyday, and now I am waking to a new era in my life. Not just as a Stylist, but now as the canvas also.  Photographs rule me. They always have. A Taurus with a mix of Red/Yellow (know about the Color Code?) I love people, attention and adrenaline. More than that, I wanted to model for me.

    We learn something new every day. Without learning life is worthless. learning about others, yourself, whatever it may be is so very important. I have learned about others as a Stylist for about 6 years now. I apprenticed under a great barber who taught me not only of hair but of kindness. I then worked at the salon that I apprenticed for in Utah for 5 and a half years.

     Although I live here in Las Vegas, I travel to Utah once a month or so, to do hair there. That should tell you what kind of ties I have with the Salon family, my clients, family and friends. I also would love to expand my hairdressing skills to more photographers and models out here in the
Las Vegas area with freelance. I have a small portfolio of some of the things I have done out here.

     Now, I am taking up learning more about myself as I dive into this thing called "modeling."
It is an adventure that I cant wait to seek out even more. I really love artistic work/editorial
and fine art photography. Pin up is my favorite. I would like to do themed shoots and on
location. I feel I have plenty of Glamour in my portfolio for now, and would like to go
beyond that. If you would like to do the same contact me.I am very open to anything
creative or artistic right now, except nudes. I am interested in TFP/TFCD, and paid
shoots as well. 
Thank you for coming to my page!

P.S. Thank you Miss Brianna Star for all your support and creating this lovely
website for me.
You are truly a great friend:)

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